Practice areas

The firm Lamon Law presents itself as a boutique law firm and limits itself for the most part to the following areas of the law...

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW AND MEDIA LAW This includes copyright, databank protection, legal protection of software, legal assistance in patent applications, trademark law, design protection, portrait rights, disputes regarding the right of reply, liability of journalists for their work, etc.

COMMERCIAL AND BUSINESS LAW This includes concession and agency contracts, European economic law, market practices (such as advertising, unlawful terms, sales, etc.), free movement of services, commercial contracts, etc.

CONSTRUCTION LAW, with special attention to the liability of architects and issues concerning industrial construction.

DISCIPLINARY LAW for officials and the admitted professions.

ASSISTANCE TO ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITIES, including in case of government liability, formalising the observance of administrative decisions, etc.

Clients are referred to specialised law firms for other areas of the law.

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